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For the Love of Mexico

White Chedda


Chapter 2

My Home Country


The goal of this chapter is to paint a picture of what is happening in the US and how that affects Mexico.

Let’s see what you think…



Donald Trump wants you

to think that Mexico is dangerous.

And, though it may not be his intention, his

rhetoric subhumanizes the Mexican people.


He doesn’t chill with latinos.

He doesn’t speak Spanish

and really doesn’t even try.


He’s given up on their vote because he knows it is impossible to get it. The latinos who do support Trump do it to be ironic. They are like a flat earther. Someone who chooses an illogical perspective just to have something shocking to tell you about themselves at the party.

Trump, and consequently, Fox News, wants us to be afraid of Mexico because history has taught that fear is highly persuasive. In this particular moment, the main emphasis of Trump’s campaign is that the border needs

to be secured. And that is not untrue.

We do need better border security.

But get this…

About 3 months ago Republicans & Democrats had a bill ready to provide resources and funding to increase border security. Team Trump felt threatened by this bipartisan bill because it would demonstrate that, during the Biden administration, progress was made

on that front. Slight pun intended.

So what happened? The bill got passed right? I mean both parties drew it up so it should have had an easy path through the house of representatives and the senate to arrive at Biden’s desk to sign into law.

But it didn’t.

Trump made some phone calls to his highly conservative cronies. The way a mob boss would call in a whack.


Whack the bill.

That was the theme.

Don’t let it pass.

Why would he do that?

Why would he impede progress in that way?

Take a second to think

if you don’t already know.


Like literally stop reading.

I’ll wait.




Ok, you got it?

Trump doesn’t want a solution at the border because he knows he can’t win if the MAGA base doesn’t hold their current belief that he is the one and only savior

against the sin of illegal latino immigration.

It’s the cornerstone of his entire campaign,

which would be destroyed if the American people thought we were making progress there

with the current administration.

As a result, he halted democracy from serving

its purpose. People working together to innovate

and invent a more prosperous future for the nation.

There are more than 100 million Latinos in the United States both legal and illegal. The population of the country is 400 million. Why would we ever want

a leader who acts so selfishly in the face of

a beautiful opportunity to unite?

I am so tired of talking about this.

It is not the focus of our text.


But it is so absurd and so relevant that we have to address it. I suppose my mindset is: let’s get this bullshit out of the way early so we can turn our focus back

to the beauty of Mexico and her people.

Before we do that there are a few more things

I need to say. And though they are

weird, and seemingly tangential,

they are relevant to our dialogue.

There’s a corruption in the Trump camp that I feel

has been really overlooked and it has to do with

the ‘classified documents´ scandal.

I feel like most of us don’t really think that is a big deal and that we really haven’t expended the mental energy

to wonder what was in those documents. We like to

pretend that they are reports from Area 51 that

confirm, ´Yes´ there are aliens on other planets!

I have, however, thought about it more in depth.

I recently watched this documentary about New York City and the mob rule before Rudy Guilliani locked up all the mob bosses. I feel like that story helped me understand how bosses of the underworld operate. There’s so much blackmail in the mafia. Do this or I’ll tell someone that.

Information is used as a weapon to build an army of henchmen who are afraid of you. You met the boss at the strip club, it was a fun night. He bought the shots he paid for lap dance and sent you to the motel with a prostitute named Crystal. Now, he needs a favor. And if you aren’t going to do the favor, what is your wife gonna think

once she finds out about Crystal?

Information turned into control.


That is what is contained in those classified documents.

I am certain of it. It’s information about public servants that, when made public, would destroy

reputations, careers and families.

Blackmail at it’s finest.

Trump needs that power of information

to have a chance to win the presidency.

And he needs to win the presidency

in order to avoid going to jail.

So the stakes are high and he doesn’t care

who he steps on to do it.


Today you think he is your friend.

Tomorrow he’ll cut you.

This became obvious to me at one particular moment. And that was when the Supreme Court decided to delay the January 6th case. The language in the media

about when that case might actually come

to trial is the key to seeing the truth.

A trial date was not set.


Instead, it was suggested that perhaps the trial would not take place until after the election. Now why would that be the suggestion in a system that is usually so calculated, thorough and precise? It’s the trial of the century but for some reason it is delayed to an undetermined

date 'that could be after November´.

You have to use some power of deduction to arrive

at the conclusion that I arrived at, which is:

´Oh, Trump has dirt on the judges´.

They are afraid of the consequences of bringing him to justice. It could also just be as simple as a fear for the safety of their families. A real life episode of House of Cards playing out right in front of our very eyes.

Trump is a mobster.

And a monster.


He’ll stop at nothing to avoid the long prison sentence that awaits him for the hit he called on his own

vice president to try and turn our

democracy into empire of peons

that serve his unquestionable will.

He is a vicious wolf disguised

in the sheep’s wool of patriotism.

We cannot afford to give credibility to his vision.

Instead, our leader should be one with an

extended hand to the weak.

A rhetoric of empathy.

Humanity’s wealth lies in it’s compassion.

And right now, we are fucking broke.

And Fox wants you to be afraid because their sole intention is to convince you that the world is coming

to an end and that our only salvation lies in a vote to elect their man. The problem is, ´their man´ used to be Jesus. The right was the party of Christ followers. Now, in their mind, Trump glows with the orb of the divine.

How fucked up is that?

Trump could never pass through the eye of a needle.

He cheated his way to wealth at the expense of good

and honest people. He prioritized richness.

And not the good kind.


The kind that compromises the soul.

Let’s say that Jesus comes to Earth on June 3rd.

The day after the Mexican people elect their first

female president. And he has to make a decision.

Meet with Claudia Sheinbaum in Mexico City

or play golf with Trump at Mar-A-Lago.

Which would he choose?

Trick question.

Trump will be unavailable for the tee time because he

has to be in court for paying a porn star to not talk about

the sex they had while his wife was at home nursing

their newborn son. You know? Christian stuff.

The only scenario in which Christ would prioritize a visit with Trump is if he felt that maybe he might accept a baptism and repent. Other than that, he would never waste his time. Too much other shit to do.

How ironic.

The people that claim to be the most Biblical stand behind a leader who completely contradicts the way

that God instructs us to be in the Bible.

An insanity that all the rest of us really

just do not comprehend.

Let’s estimate the approval rating of Trump

in the Latino world.

Just for fun.

How does 9% sound?

Remember. A choice of irony,

not intelligence. #FlatEarth

If you don’t think Trump is a racist, ask someone from another race. They will set you straight.

Think he’s inclusive?

Ask a gay man.


Want to see passion?

Ask a lesbian if Trump should be president.

Then prepare yourself.

Things are going to get loud.

Tears will flow.

Obscenities, no matter how uncharacteristic,

will plentify a lengthy oration of disdain.

´Fuck that motherfucker!’


Don't believe me? Just try it out.

These are all signs.

Listen to them.

Our country is at a place of strides. Those strides can be way forward or way back. Trump strides are back strides. Progress demolishers. Impediments to a universal

and inclusive good. Let’s just not do that.

Gosh. I think I’m done.

How refreshing. I don’t think I have anything else

left to say about Trump for the rest of the book.

Except a hilarious anecdote about how much

he hates Jimmy Kimmel. We'll get to that.

What a relief.

This has been exhausting.

Before I end this chapter, I want to write a little bit about Biden. I promise the next chapter will not be political.

The focus from here on out shifts towards the complete beauty of Mexico, the Latino people and how to best embrace and love our sunkissed neighbors.

In shifting the focus to Biden,

I cannot help but smile.

Right now, with his leadership, our status is: ok

Not fantastic, not amazing, not grim, not much. Vanilla.

He’s like the Neville Chamberlain of our time.

The placeholder before the arrival of greatness.

Or the aftershock, if you admire Obama like I do.

I wish Biden was younger.

I wish he spoke Spanish.

I wish he spoke faster.

But I like him.

And that is because Biden is just a sweet and gentle, compassionate old man. He is our grandpa.

You would sit on his lap patiently listening to

stories about Scranton in the late fifties.

He would offer you a toffee.

Or one of those strawberry flavored hard candies

that is wrapped in a strawberry wrapping

And at some point, after an afternoon nap, he would suggest an ice cream run. Drive the speed limit in the Buick, open the door for you and smile big at the staff while he orders you both a double scoop.

For me, Rocky Road and Mint Chocalate Chip.

He’d pay.

And he’ll have a few nickels in his pocket ready

so that he could make the right change.

You'd go back outside, sit on the trunk and lick away in the waning sunlight of a June afternoon.

In the shadow of a little league field.

God I miss you grandma.

I hope you like watching me from up there.

There's a lot of you in me.

And aren't Yesy & Sochill amazing?

Your bisnietos. Love & Light.

Back home, the screen door slams. The first lightning bugs flicker and you think, ´This is pleasant´.

There’s no porn star trial to wake up to tomorrow.

Just a Jeopardy showdown and episode of MASH to enjoy right now with Grandpa Joe.


Lights out.

Big day tomorrow scout.

Tomorrow I’ll teach you about a far away land.

A mystical place called Mexico.

Oh I just know you’re gonna love it...


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