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For the Love of Mexico

White Chedda


Mexico is awesome. And Mexicans are awesome.

Don’t get it twisted, that is the theme of this book.


On May 20th, 2024 I will leave Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico and walk over 1,000 kilometers

to Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico.


The Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.


We’ll weave and bob.

We’ll cry and laugh.


And I will bleed and sweat on these pages

(originally handwritten) with a wandering intention to follow that north star. To solidify that simple truth.

Mexico is awesome. And Mexicans are awesome.

Let’s go!


We live in a dangerous time. But sentences like that tend to fuel the fire. So before I expound, it is important to remind you that your author is an eternal optimist.

We’ll speak-paint the picture of what’s bleak but only

in order to fight back with what’s light.


There is a lot going on right now, Earth 2024. Fighting in the Middle East. Again. The war in Ukraine and the complete and utter dehumanization and displacement of the people of Venezuela. The list goes on.


Covid rocked us.


And everything, everywhere is way more

expensive than it once was.


But for me personally, the most dangerous of all, is

the potential re-election of Donald Trump and the consequences that has on the relationship

between my two countries.


The country of my birth, the United States

and my new home, Mexico.

The quandary facing the US  is one of mis-placed values. The Fox News, MAGA perspective lacks two of the most important characteristics that stand between humanity and planetary bliss. From building heaven on Earth.


Empathy & Inclusivity.


God instructs us that, in order to show love for her, our creator, we must first start with a love for one another. Though we cannot perfect it, we must strive for it.

There are so many differences between us. Shapes, sizes, colors, beliefs and, most importantly...

how we like our pizza.


By the way, the Mexicans put ketchup on theirs.

and jalapeños.

and hot dog slices.


Our diversity is the most beautiful thing about us. And the reason that Trump is so dangerous is because he does not see it that way. He doesn’t love diversity. He disdains it. A movement like his only survives on the uniformity of a narrow-minded vision, fueled by fear. He’s stuck in a mental rut. And the consequence is another D word.




What a shame. Because if humanity is a peacock. Diversity is the plumage. Our feathers. It’s the most bright, evident, shocking and wonderful thing about us. And discrimination and prejudice are feather-clippers. They chop down our potential to find harmony in unity.


This text is not to advocate for the democrats. It’s to advocate for peoples. Persons. And what it means to be the most intelligent and dominant species. It doesn’t mean we have the privilege to conquer, destroy and divide. It means we are accountable to every thing that breathes. To look on it all with a kindness and care.

To listen to one another and build eachother up.


One diaphragm in and out.

A whole entity ebbing in synchronized rhythm.


A huge part of my personal perspective is that it is dangerous to think of Heaven as something beyond this life when the Earth is so perfect in its design. That affects me. It influences my actions and my daily routine. When I wake up in the morning I think, ´how cool, another day in heaven!´And what do I do? I set out like a puppy. I keep my head up, smile large, say Hi to as many people as possible, recite poetry. I connect. I listen. I learn.


And I try to make the world feel more like a paradise for those who might not quite feel like it is.


That is how White Chedda was born.


We don’t always know how to take steps forward towards

a more heavenly planet. It takes intention and vision.

And that is at the core value of my project, riQueZo.

To organize the blessed to empower the stressed.

This is the most critical component of this text.

What I want to accomplish.


I want to introduce you to riQueZo. The lovely people who make it go and the tremendous stories of compassion that have caused us all to fall in love with it.


I want us to see it as a way to build love and show love between Mexico and the United States. A true revolution of compassion starting with the #CheddHeads

and moving into the mainstream


You are coming with me on this walk. That is, I will carry you in my heart. No matter where you are from

or what you believe. I want you with me.

I am not epic.

We are epic.

God will be present.

If you lend me your attention through this text, I will give you my everything. I will give this my everything.

And we will tell a story too magical to be real.

Something unbelievable.

So let's write a tall tale.



And let's make it about a people and a place

full of wonder and mystery.


Let's shake the Earth with our roar

for what is right and good and whole and pure.

To give us focus, I've chosen for us a very select dedication. Who are we writing for?

We are writing for Yesy.

We are writing for Sochill.


My children.

My babies.

Our legacy here will shape their world.

Give them hope and empower them

to further heavanize their home.

Something closer to the original intention of the design.


Dad will lead.

Dad will walk.


But you.

You are the reason their future will shine.

Welcome to our book. y'all!


I am really glad you are here.


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